Agenda of the Tenth KEKB Accelerator Review Committee

February 21-23, 2005
at Meeting room on the first floor of Build. No.3, KEK

  Feb. 21 (Mon.)
  8:30- 9:00   Executive session
  9:00-9:05   Welcome   Y. Totsuka
  Status report
  9:05- 9:20   Overview of KEKB project   K. Oide   pptkeypdf
  9:20-10:00   KEKB performance & near term plans   H. Koiso   pptpdf
  10:00-10:30   Belle status and plans   Y. Sakai   pptpdf
  10:30-10:50   Break
  10:50-11:10   BPM issues   M. Tejima   ppt pdf
  11:10-11:30   Beam observations   J. Flanagan   pptpdf
  11:30-11:50   Beam-beam experiment   T. Ieiri   pptpdf
  11:50-12:15   ARES status   T. Abe   pptpdf
  12:15-13:30   Lunch
  13:30-13:55   Injector upgrade   M. Satoh   pptpdf
  Crab cavity
  13:55-14:25   Crab cavity overview   K. Hosoyama   pptpdf
  14:25-14:50   HOM damper   Y. Morita   pptpdf
  14:50-15:15   Input/Coaxial coupler   K. Nakanishi   pptpdf
  15:15-15:40   Cryostat   H. Nakai   pptpdf
  15:40-16:00   Break
  16:00-16:15   Refrigeration system   H. Nakai   pptpdf
  16:15-16:40   RF control   K. Akai   pptpdf
  16:40-17:05   Crab optics & dynamics   A. Morita   pdfmgp
  17:05-17:30   Magnets, installation, orbit control   M. Masuzawa   pptpdf
    Coupled-bunch instability due to the crabbing mode   K. Akai   pptpdf
  17:30-18:30   Executive session
  18:30-20:00   Reception
  Feb. 22 (Tue.)
  8:30- 9:00   SuperKEKB overview update   T. Mimashi   pptpdf
  9:00- 9:20   Beam-beam update   M. Tawada   pptpdf
  9:20- 9:45   Vacuum upgrade   Y. Suetsugu   pptpdf
  9:45-10:10   ARES upgrade   T. Abe   pptpdf
  10:00-10:20   Break
  10:20-10:45   SCC upgrade   T. Furuya   pptpdf
  10:45-11:10   Lattice and dynamic aperture at SuperKEKB   Y. Ohnishi   pptpdf
  11:10-11:30   IR overview   Y. Funakoshi   pptpdf
  11:30-11:55   IR vacuum chamber   K. Kanazawa   pptpdf
  11:55-12:15   Secondary electron yields from vacuum materials and in-situ surface characterization   S. Kato   pptpdf
  12:15-13:30   Lunch
  13:30-14:00   IR vacuum system upgrades plus a short status of PEP-II   N. Kurita   PEP-II(pdf),  Vacuum(pdf)
  14:00-14:20   QCS   N. Ohuchi   pptpdf
  14:20-14:45   Background   O. Tajima   pptpdf
  14:45-15:05   Impedance   K. Shibata   pdf
  15:05-15:25   Coherent radiation   T. Agoh   pdf
  15:25-15:40   Break
  15:40-16:05   C-band R&D status for SuperKEKB   T. Kamitani   pptpdf
  16:05-16:25   Tungsten mono-crystalline target for a high-intensity positron source   T. Suwada   pptpdf
  16: 25-16: 45   KEKB controls: Status and upgrade plan   N. Yamamoto   pptpdf
  17:00-18:00   Executive session
  18:00-20:00   Working dinner
  Feb. 23 (Wed.)
  8:30-10:30   Executive session
  10:30-11:00   Interaction with KEKB staff members
  11:00-11:30   Closing
  17:30-   KEKB/Belle 1.5E34 & 1/fb/day Party

Review Committee Report (Final 2005.04.08)
(Review Report Overview(JPN))

Review Committee Members

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